Gypsy Caravan

Today, was the Gypsy Caravan! I went with my Aunt and my friend, Myssie of Pendleton Market. We left exhausted and sun burnt but found some great things!

When I go to an event like this, I like to be prepared. I’ve learned to pack a large, lightweight tote with extra bags, a tape measure, and plenty of cash! Most vendors these days can do credit cards, but I missed out on a beautiful silver platter once because a vendor’s square couldn’t connect. Bringing cash also helps you stick to your budget! Here’s my bag, all ready to go. The anticipation of what I’ll find is so fun!


They had a preview sale last night with a $30 entry fee and an early bird sale from 7 – 9am with a $20 entry fee. The rest of us could get in at 9am with a $10 entry fee (all proceeds go to the St. Louis Symphony, which is cool). We arrived around 10:45am to tons of traffic!!! But, we made friends with a trooper and he even moved his patrol car so we could park (well, I’m pretty sure he was moving it anyway, but he was still awesome!). Here’s our crew! We were sooo hot!


We all found some great things! Myssie looks for mid century bar ware and found an incredible liquor set! I’m sure she’ll be listing it soon in her Etsy shop. My Aunt found a very cool lantern. She makes the neatest porch vignettes for every season and holiday and I’m sure it’ll be part of her Halloween porch! I spent $80 and found lots of great things! Here they are:



It was definitely a successful trip and I look forward to sharing what I do with my finds! We all agreed it may be well worth it to pay the $30 and go the preview sale next year. It was a great event!

Well, time to change gears and pack for an early flight!



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