Omaha, NE

Today, I’m in Omaha for work. I’m staying in the Old Market District and finished up around 4 so I headed out to grab some food and explore the Old Market. It’s a great area with tons of restaurants, pubs, boutique shops, and even some vintage and antique stores! The architecture is beautiful and the weather made it all even better!

One of the coolest places is The Old Market Passageway. It’s an old alleyway, restored into a beautiful venue for galleries, shops, salons, and restaurants. It’s also a beautiful backdrop!


I had an early dinner at The Twisted Fork. I tried their chicken salad with white truffle risotto. Very good! Another place I love in the Old Market area is M’s Pub. They are famous for their Lahvosh, a “pizza” on an Armenian cracker with Havarti cheese and any number of heavenly toppings. My favorite is the Thai Lahvosh. It’s amazing!!!

After dinner, I explored some of the shops. The area is so scenic! Check out this row of adorable shops.


I found a brochure at one of the shops and noticed a group of antique / vintage stores just a block away!! Of course, I headed that way. There were 3 shops, all right across the street from each other. How exciting!

My first stop, Flying Worm Vintage. It was all vintage clothing, which really isn’t my thing, but they had a huge selection, very well laid out, fairly priced, and they were super friendly! If you are into vintage clothing, this store is a must!


Connected to Flying Vintage Worm is the Antique Annex. It was a great little store with lots of unique, mid century modern stuff. They also have a record store at the back where I might have picked up a couple things for my hubby. But, he’ll have to wait for his birthday…

Across the street is the Fairmont Antiques and Mercantile. This place had just about everything, expect a good antique collection (sorry!). They had a massive candy shop, an old movie theatre, vintage games and rides, even a Santa Clause igloo room. It was a pretty interesting shop! The antique selection was limited and very picked over. I did find some vintage postcards at a great price though.



I didn’t buy much at all, which is a good thing, but I thoroughly enjoyed my evening in Omaha! It’s only 6 hours from St. Louis and would be a great weekend trip. The downtown area is just minutes from the airport also. Omaha has a ton of things to do!

There’s also a little river running through the city with running trails and a playground. I’m sure there’s a ton more, but I only explored for a couple of hours.


Thanks for making a work trip enjoyable, Omaha!

Till next time…



9 thoughts on “Omaha, NE”

  1. I serious had no idea… Omaha, who knew!? You had me at the Old Market Passageway photo, Thai Lahvosh, and a river through the city (one of my favorite things about Milwaukee as well). So glad you had a great day! XO

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