My adorable family
My adorable family
Hi, I’m Kelly and I love old things. Always have. I recently found a poster I made when I was 11. We had to describe ourselves in a single paragraph and one of my sentences was “I like antiques.” These days, I like to add antique or “vintage” items to modern-day decor. (One of the other sentences on the poster was “I want to be an interior designer.”) So, my love for vintage and decorating goes way back! I know it’s a gift from my Mom. She always loved to decorate and had an amazing sense of style. I lost her nearly 3 years ago to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) but she inspires everything I do and all I love. I’m also inspired by my 2 beautiful kids, Sydney and Quinn, and my amazingly supportive husband, Tim. I work a demanding, heavy travel, job and this year I decided to try to incorporate my love for vintage into my busy, and often solitary, life on the road. I try to find an antique or vintage store every time I travel. It’s been inspiring and so fun! I have items from all over and try to find things with the name of the town I’m in. With my crazy schedule, I haven’t had the time to be as creative as I like to be so I decided I’m going to try blogging about my obsession and whatever else I feel like talking about. I hope you enjoy it – if you do, feel free to share it! Thanks for stopping by… kelly


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