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Another Vintage Scale Makeover (and, should I open an Etsy shop?)

When I was toying with starting a decorating blog, I thought about some topics I’d want to write about. They included subjects like “why I try not to collect things” and “how to love Vintage and not become a hoarder.”

Well, so far I’ve published 4 blog posts and two are about vintage scales. I’m worried I might be collecting (and possibly hoarding).

I found this amazing cast iron scale on the same outing where I found the scale in the first post. If you’re ever around Columbia, MO, you have to check out Veranda Antique Mall. This place is huge and the vendors are very high quality. The prices can be on the high side, but I found some amazingly reasonable finds and the people are extremely friendly. I happened to stop by when one of the vendors were cleaning out their booth and he was eager to get rid of things. I noticed this scale and he offered such an amazing price, I couldn’t pass it up. I wasn’t in love with the fact it was black and didn’t think I had a place for it, but for the price, I thought it might haunt me forever if I passed it by! I’ve had one too many “One that I left behind” moments. Which happens to be another blog post topic idea… I wasn’t going to regret this one.

So, I bought it, brought it home, and cleaned it up. This one was MUCH easier than the other scale. I love how it looks!! It was a true diamond in the rough. But, the reality is I don’t have a good place that I can put it, but I’m still looking!


But, that led me to a thought of starting an Etsy shop. I have lots of great items that are perfectly awesome, just not in my space, right now. I’m curious if anyone reading this can share some pros, cons, advice, or words of warning for opening an Etsy shop.

In the mean time, I’m busy carrying my scale around the house, looking for that perfect spot!!

I’ll let you know if I find it!



Omaha, NE

Today, I’m in Omaha for work. I’m staying in the Old Market District and finished up around 4 so I headed out to grab some food and explore the Old Market. It’s a great area with tons of restaurants, pubs, boutique shops, and even some vintage and antique stores! The architecture is beautiful and the weather made it all even better!

One of the coolest places is The Old Market Passageway. It’s an old alleyway, restored into a beautiful venue for galleries, shops, salons, and restaurants. It’s also a beautiful backdrop!


I had an early dinner at The Twisted Fork. I tried their chicken salad with white truffle risotto. Very good! Another place I love in the Old Market area is M’s Pub. They are famous for their Lahvosh, a “pizza” on an Armenian cracker with Havarti cheese and any number of heavenly toppings. My favorite is the Thai Lahvosh. It’s amazing!!!

After dinner, I explored some of the shops. The area is so scenic! Check out this row of adorable shops.


I found a brochure at one of the shops and noticed a group of antique / vintage stores just a block away!! Of course, I headed that way. There were 3 shops, all right across the street from each other. How exciting!

My first stop, Flying Worm Vintage. It was all vintage clothing, which really isn’t my thing, but they had a huge selection, very well laid out, fairly priced, and they were super friendly! If you are into vintage clothing, this store is a must!


Connected to Flying Vintage Worm is the Antique Annex. It was a great little store with lots of unique, mid century modern stuff. They also have a record store at the back where I might have picked up a couple things for my hubby. But, he’ll have to wait for his birthday…

Across the street is the Fairmont Antiques and Mercantile. This place had just about everything, expect a good antique collection (sorry!). They had a massive candy shop, an old movie theatre, vintage games and rides, even a Santa Clause igloo room. It was a pretty interesting shop! The antique selection was limited and very picked over. I did find some vintage postcards at a great price though.



I didn’t buy much at all, which is a good thing, but I thoroughly enjoyed my evening in Omaha! It’s only 6 hours from St. Louis and would be a great weekend trip. The downtown area is just minutes from the airport also. Omaha has a ton of things to do!

There’s also a little river running through the city with running trails and a playground. I’m sure there’s a ton more, but I only explored for a couple of hours.


Thanks for making a work trip enjoyable, Omaha!

Till next time…


Gypsy Caravan

Today, was the Gypsy Caravan! I went with my Aunt and my friend, Myssie of Pendleton Market. We left exhausted and sun burnt but found some great things!

When I go to an event like this, I like to be prepared. I’ve learned to pack a large, lightweight tote with extra bags, a tape measure, and plenty of cash! Most vendors these days can do credit cards, but I missed out on a beautiful silver platter once because a vendor’s square couldn’t connect. Bringing cash also helps you stick to your budget! Here’s my bag, all ready to go. The anticipation of what I’ll find is so fun!


They had a preview sale last night with a $30 entry fee and an early bird sale from 7 – 9am with a $20 entry fee. The rest of us could get in at 9am with a $10 entry fee (all proceeds go to the St. Louis Symphony, which is cool). We arrived around 10:45am to tons of traffic!!! But, we made friends with a trooper and he even moved his patrol car so we could park (well, I’m pretty sure he was moving it anyway, but he was still awesome!). Here’s our crew! We were sooo hot!


We all found some great things! Myssie looks for mid century bar ware and found an incredible liquor set! I’m sure she’ll be listing it soon in her Etsy shop. My Aunt found a very cool lantern. She makes the neatest porch vignettes for every season and holiday and I’m sure it’ll be part of her Halloween porch! I spent $80 and found lots of great things! Here they are:



It was definitely a successful trip and I look forward to sharing what I do with my finds! We all agreed it may be well worth it to pay the $30 and go the preview sale next year. It was a great event!

Well, time to change gears and pack for an early flight!


Vintage Scale Makeover

I love vintage scales. Well, I love everything vintage, but scales are one of those things I’m particularly drawn to. Years ago, when my grandma passed away, I inherited a large, hanging produce scale that used to belong to my great grandfather. It hung for years in the kitchen of our old home and I’m so sad I can’t find a place for it in the new one (yet). Here’s a photo of it. It was perfect there.


So, I’ve set my sights on small kitchen scales in the meantime. I found this one for $6 recently at a highway antique mall, coming home from Columbia, MO.


I regret washing it before taking a first picture. It was filthy! It was total rust! I couldn’t make out the paint color, manufacturer name, anything. I often see items like this and wish I could turn back time and remove the rust (or at least some of it). So, for $6, I thought i’d give this piece a try. I researched rust removal and found that soaking in vinegar and cleaning with a wire brush does the trick. Here’s my attempt at that…


It didn’t work too well…

So, I headed to Lowe’s and picked up some CLR. I poured the CLR over all the surfaces and let soak for 2 minutes. Then scrubbed with a steel bristle brush. The steel bristles were too abrasive and removed some of the beautiful paint. So, I switched to the nylon bristles and that worked a lot better. Well, the final product wasn’t exactly what I was dreaming of, but it certainly turned a $6 scale into a fun piece for my mudroom desk.


Tomorrow I'm heading to the gypsy caravan with my Aunt and good friend, Myssie. Both are also avid vintage hunters. We’re all day dreaming about what we may find. You have to love the thrill of the hunt!